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Recessional at Grace
Recessional at Grace
What is this Site?
With Bishop Swing's upcoming retirement in 2006, the Diocese of California is searching for a new bishop. This website provides current information about both the Search Committee and  the search itself.

What's a Search Committee?
When the Bishop announced his retirement, the Search Committee was charged with creating a profile of the Diocese, seeking out prospective candidates and evaluating their qualifications, creating a slate of candidates for the electing convention to consider, and introducing the nominees to the Diocese.

The Story So Far
Any Questions?
Any Questions?
In the first phase, the Search Committee conducted 22 Town Hall Meetings, which resulted in a searchable database of the Diocese's concerns, priorities and dreams. That database is accessible through the Town Hall Meeting page, and was used by the Committee in writing the Diocean Profile, a snapshot of the Diocese today. The Profile was posted on August 1, 2005, when nominations opened and Forms and Instructions were likewise put online. On October 1, the Search Committee's nomination process closed.

What Happens Next?
Review & Study
Review & Study
The Search Committee has reviewed the nominees' written submissions, including their amazingly thoughtful essays responding to its Six Questions. Over a dozen received phone interviews in November. On the basis of the phone interviews, a smaller number has been chosen to receive personal interviews in January. The slate of 4 to 6 nominees will be chosen from this group, and reported to the Standing Committee by February 20. Photographs and short biographies of the slate will then be posted on this website.

Meanwhile, during Advent, many parishes presented the Diocese's well-received Seeking a Shepherd curriculum to their congregations, in order to educate both the lay Convention electors and the parishioners who elect them on what qualities they should be looking for in a bishop. (The curriculum makes it clear that there is no single right answer, and that the greatest of bishops have had many different qualities). By the end of January, the churches will have chosen their lay electors at their annual meetings.

A Petition
A Petition

Petition candidates, if any, are those who lodge their applications directly with the electing Convention. They either did not apply to the Search Committee or were not chosen by it to be on the final slate. Rules governing such applications were announced and posted here in January, and such candidates will have until March 13 to submit their documentation. When the time for direct petitions is closed, all petition candidates' photographs and biographies will be promptly added to the website. In addition, all candidates' essay answers to the Six Questions will be posted here immediately. More information is available on the Forms page.

The First Convention: Pentecost
The First Convention:

During the week after Easter, April 24-28, the candidates will be presented throughout the Diocese in the walkabout process, allowing all congregants and clergy who wish to participate in the process an opportunity to ask the questions of importance to them. On May 6, the electing Convention will make its decision, voting by majorities of each order. On June 13-21, the General Convention of the national church will be asked to confirm our choice, and on July 22, Grace Cathedral will host the consecration.

Keeping Up With All This
All breaking news passes through this website. Transitioning, the monthly newsletter prepared by the Transition Committee, is available through the Newsletter page. There's lots of information in it, as well as human interest stories. Our new Press Room page links to all our press releases. And if something special is happening, there'll be a link at the top of the home page to catch your attention.

What's a Transition Committee?
Among other things, the Transition Committee has the difficult task of planning the consecretion of the new Bishop and ensuring a full welcome and comfortable settling in for the Bishop's family. Currently, it provides public relations services concerning the process to the Diocese, ECUSA, the Anglican Communion, and everyone else.

Save these Dates for Bishop Nominee Walkabouts!

Your opportunity to meet the nominees for election as the Eighth Bishop of California will come during the “Walkabouts,” now set for April 24–28, 2006. Each will last about three hours, will take place on weekday evenings at different locations, and will be open to all clergy and laity. Further details, including exact dates and locations, will be posted here as they become available. More information is here.


Committee Membership
For your information, the members of the Standing, Search and Transition Committees are detailed here. A picture of the Search Committee is here.

Contact Us
Substantive comments concerning the search and transition process or any of the content of this website should be directed to Email Webmaster concerning any technical problems with the website or documents.


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